London Clock Guidelines

Please note we are not currently accepting submissions.

Writing must focus on a particular time of day at a particular location in London. Further details on word length can be found below. All submissions must state the time of day most associated with your piece in 24 hour format and the location on which the piece is based. A photo will be published alongside each piece of work which reflects the mood of the writing. Please submit a photo alongside your work if you are able to do so as we prefer using images that are personal to the author.

We aim to champion London writers and those inspired by London, whether or not they have been previously published. Therefore, we happily print the names of the authors next to their work, however you are welcome to publish anonymously. When submitting your work please feel free to provide a brief biography – we like getting to know members of the London writing community.

As a public collaborative literary project, our focus is on enthusiasm, individuality and talent. There is no limit to the number of submissions you may make. All material submitted and published will remain the intellectual property of the submitter.

London Literary Project accepts simultaneous submissions. However, if your work is published elsewhere either prior to publication on our website or post-publication, you must inform us that this is the case. London Literary Project reserves the right to remove work from our website at any time if the Editor feels this is appropriate.


What to Submit

Flash Fiction in 60

Our usual format. Exactly 60 seconds in a minute, exactly 60 words in a piece. Word limit does not include the title. Work may be poetry or prose. Any genre is acceptable. We want to be zapped, thrown, flown, teleported, transported into your London to soak up the scene.



Our longer special treat format. Exactly 250 words not including the title. Work may be poetry or prose. Any genre is acceptable. Sit us under the shadow of Westminster or walk us through the mayhem of Columbia Road on a Sunday, make us sigh with heartache on the South Bank or stumble through woodland in Hampstead. London has many hidden corners and bustling streets so surprise us. We generally publish 250 word pieces at the weekend as a special edition flash epic post.


Something New 

Compelled to take another literary angle? Please feel free to email our Editor if you would like to take part in the London Clock by submitting work which does not fit in with the guidelines above. We are here to showcase you.



• Flash Fiction in 60 words / Flash Epic in 250 words

• Specify the exact time (24 hr format) and location

• Your name and a short biography or indication that you wish to publish anonymously

• Accompanying photo that reflects your piece (if you don’t have one then we will select a great shot for you)

• Email your work to